Amazing features

Just a few of the reasons the MindMap program is loved by many teachers and administrators.

Ready to use

Teachers can simply use the same credentials they use for all their other school apps to sign into the MindMap Dashboard.

Multiple Traits Measured

The MindMap program measures a wide variety of personality traits from extravertness to curiousity all the way to achievement striving and self-expression.

Updated Results

Throughout the school year we are always updating the game to give teachers more relevant insights. So as students keep playing teachers can keep on learning.


Great Collaboration & Personalization

Parents, teachers, and administrators have access to the results to create a more personalized course of action for each student.

Multi-Platform Support

Students can play the game on a variety of devices including phones, tablet, and computers.

Amazing Support & Security

We make sure to always keep our data safe & secure and maintain FERPA compliancy at all times. Also we're here literally 24/7 if you have questions or need help. So don't be afraid to give us a call at 2am when you're loving the program.


Built for all devices

Students can play the MindMap game, on their phones or tablets by clicking Download below. To play on your laptop or computer click HERE or go to

Our Amazing Team

MindMap is one of the great products produced by the Testify Team.


Femi Adebogun

Chief Executive Officer

Zachary Tasker

Chief Operating Officer

Paras Shah

VP of Product Design

Druvesh Patel

Chief Financial Officer

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If you're a student hit the link below to play the MindMap game.

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